Trime created a Monster

Trime created a Monster


The Trime Group, an expanding Italian manufacturer of a range of environmentally sensitive construction machinery, have launched a brand new lighting tower aimed specifically for the worldwide mining industries.

The aptly named Trime X-Mine Monster is a lighting tower fitted onto wide crawler undercarriage. This unique arrangement ensures that the unit remains secure and stable in all terrain, enabling it to deliver bright, safe lighting levels irrespective of the ground conditions.

Should the X-Mine Monster encounter a short climb or descent, the dynamic levelling system of the X-Mine Monster will automatically tilt the mast. This ensures that the unit remains perfectly vertical at all times and that the lamps are steady, which confirms correctly targeted lighting.

The X-Mine Monster is fitted with thirty multi-directional and adjustable 150W, energy saving LED lamps. This equates to 5700 watts of light fitted onto a 10-metre hydraulic and foldable mast, with 240 degree rotation, delivering up to 24,500 square metres of illumination.

The X-Mine Monster is easy to operate and simple to manoeuvre. It has a maximum driving speed of 2.2 Km/h, and is remotely controlled via a Wi-Fi enabled joystick operated console. Ground level headlamps are fitted so that all base operations are carried out safely. It has a high capacity, 150 litre fuel tank, enabling the X-Mine Monster to run continuously for up 94 hours. A handy 9kVA of auxiliary power is also available at a safe 48V DC.

Trime designed and manufactured the X-Mine Monster in response to a request from an Australian open cast mining contractor who was working twenty-four hours a day. Traditional wheeled lighting towers were unsteady and not providing sufficient lighting. They were also proving difficult to transport around the site. The contractor explained their requirements to Trime engineers who immediately set about developing the X-Mine Monster.

Trime believe that the X-Mine Monster is the only lighting tower with a 10-metre articulated fully hydraulic telescopic mast that is able to provide safe lighting in very difficult areas to access with just a traditional vertical lighting tower. For example, if an excavator is operating in close proximity to a work area, the X-Mine Monster is the only lighting tower equipped to light up above and below the excavator’s digging arm.

“We always have a very open mind when we receive special requests for bespoke machinery, “explained Matteo Tagliani, Trime’s sales director. “We will always listen carefully to individual requests and work hard to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties. We welcome these types of enquiries.”

The Trime Group is headquartered in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, near Milan, Italy. The company manufactures a wide range of sustainable lighting towers for the use on outside events, construction, rail and highway projects. Trime equipment is distributed worldwide through a line of dedicated dealers and distributors.


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