For the first time, the world of construction is in a phase of strong change. Fossil fuels are giving way to cleaner and greener energy. After years in research and developing in above area, we are pleased to present the innovative T-ZERO PRO system. T-ZERO PRO achieves the power of diesel engines, but without the noise, hassles and exhaust fumes. Our technology is pioneer and market leading and delivers a new level of performance, giving you the reliable power you need to get your job done. Comfortable to use and with an impressive range and speed of recharging, removing supplies at the service station for fuel and for storing highly flammable liquids. Over the years T-ZERO PRO has surpassed the standards of technology with a range of products designed to make a better, cleaner, quieter and safer future, while offering superior performance. Our commitment to a greener environment T-ZERO’s commitment to innovation is made possible by a skilled team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, responsible for the development and manufacturing of our products. Our desire to create an ever-greener future comes to life through our GOAL 2025 initiative but isn’t limited to the products we develop, it also pervades the ways we operate and the places we work in. Our commitment is to change the future in the THE CONSTRUCTION WORLD. People use their tools to improve the environment around them, so why use diesel-petrol – is it a more reliable power source? The time has come to take up the challenge, and together, create a cleaner, quieter and safer future.


Our battery are designed like no other battery pack. It’s why it performs like no other solutions available. Let’s start talking about petrol beating performance. The T-ZERO PRO has an innovative design to maximise battery cooling. It’s simpler, cleaner, quieter and with less vibrations is more comfortable to use. Impressive run times and fast recharge offer the ultimate in convenience. Unique T-ZERO PRO design Unlike conventional brick-shaped batteries where the cells are packed together, the special design increases surface area, places the cells close to the surface and fits onto the outside of our tools. This dissipates heat more effectively, preventing overheating and shut downs.

Thanks to this new line you can significantly reduce the running time of a traditional diesel generator and start benefiting from completely silent, highly efficient power with a significant reduction in emissions.


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