Trime phases out fossil-fuel equipment

Italy-based Trime Group has introduced its T-ZERO PRO initiative – a line of battery, solar, hybrid and plug-in products that “dramatically reduce noise, vibrations, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions”.
The T-ZERO PRO power module units are intended to replace many of the diesels, gasoline and LPG powered engines currently fitted to Trime machinery on construction machinery.

“The use of fossil-fuel engines to power our lighting towers and generators is on course to cease production by 2025,” says Matteo Tagliani, Trime Director of Sales. “We are committed to invest in new solar and battery technologies. We will continue to market the largest range of sustainable power products and lighting towers available worldwide.”

Trime, which is well-known for its lighting towers, is anticipating that by the end of this year half its production will be made up of solar, solar/hybrid and full battery generators and lighting sets.

The company is aiming to give the market only low carbon footprint products by 2025 as part of its “GOAL 2025” environmental targets.


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