CPB Contractors one step closer towards net zero

CPB Contractors has added another ten solar lighting plants to its renewable fleet, bringing the company another step closer towards net zero.
The lighting units emit no pollution, no noise, and no fuel consumption and are a cost-effective and sustainable replacement for traditional diesel-powered lighting methods.
John Dellis, CPB Contractors Plant Manager – Victoria and Tasmania said the solar powered lights don’t need diesel to operate, meaning no noise or exhaust, and therefore less impact on neighbouring homes and businesses.
“CPB Contractors’ adoption of solar plant also makes us more efficient – there is no fuel cost, no labour costs for refuelling, and no risk of a diesel spill. There are many advantages to using solar lighting plants wherever we can,” said Dellis. “The sun-powered battery provides up to 70 hours of power, so there is no issue with reliability.”
The lights are 100 per cent solar powered, with battery storage, and are part of CPB Contractors’ strategy to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero.
The company is set to deploy the new renewable plant to projects across Victoria.
Compared to a standard diesel lighting tower, each solar unit saves 4,600 kilograms of CO2 emissions over just one year. A key part of CPB Contractors’ sustainability strategy is to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero.
Priya Pathmanathan, CPB Contractors Manager Sustainability Victoria and Tasmania said the new lighting towers will ensure no more wasting of diesel and carbon from lights being left on.
“In line with CPB Contractors’ commitment to reduce our carbon emissions from fuel and electricity by 20 per cent by 2025, I’m delighted to see our plant yard taking the initiative to procure ten solar lighting towers for our projects to utilise,” she said.
It’s a step in the right direction for CPB Contractors and aligns with the company’s net zero approach – avoiding unnecessary energy or material use; reducing emissions by using efficient and low emission equipment; and replacing high emission materials and energy with low emission and renewable alternatives.

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